Tracking Rotterdam on Tour
A project by Michal Osowski, 2011
Tracking Rotterdam on Tour is an interactive interdisciplinary performance installation in which fine arts, sound, video projection and the physical movement are integrated. The project will manifest itself through a series of workshops and performances placing emphasis on different types of public participation.
The project is an initiative of Michal Osowski, a Rotterdam based composer and computer artist, and will be realized in the cooperation with several involved organizations and locations where the project will take place.
# workshops: April - June and September - December 2011
## work in collaboration with music teacher Carolina Federbusch and schools: Johan de Witt Gymnasium-Dordrecht, Einstein Lyceum-Rotterdam and Imelda School-Rotterdam
# performances
##  work with painter Hüma Birgül
        PHOTOS        PHOTOS-performance
        Performance as a part of RAIR program ( during De Wereld van Witte de With festival:
        Sunday 11 September 2011 13-15 h, BLAAK10 Gallery & Store, Witte de Withstraat 7a Rotterdam
       * special thanks to Stichting Kaus Australis, Chris van Mulligen, Pieter De Buck and Meirion Dole
##  work with painter Yoshiyuki Koinuma
: Perforrmance in Roodkapje, Meent 125, as a part of Exact Randomness event, Saturday 15 October 2011 19-23 h
        PHOTOS       PHOTOS-performance
##  work with film artist Karel Doing: Performance in Kaus Australis, Melanchthonweg 137, as a part of KAUS-ing Trouble event, 29 January 2012 17-20 h

##  work with painter Hidde van Schie: Performance in Podium Willie, Deventer, 17 February 2012 17-22 h
 with support of: